We create 'ambiences and memories' with storytelling spaces.
At Wildwood, we believe in the power of creativity that transforms spaces into atmospheres that convey emotions and enrich the human experience


For us, interior design is way more than aesthetics. It's an art of creating a space where every piece and pixel has an inspiration. We artistically craft your space right from the layout design, to the feel and touch of a fabric. We can help you with a new fit-out or in the next move or refurbishment and beyond.

Spatial Interior Design

Our design principles carefully articulate the space for enhanced daylighting, better air circulation, scientifically-laid furniture & active social zoning that enhance wellbeing and productivity

Lighting, Flooring & Surface

We are the advocates of unique and bespoke objects. We design innovative biorhythmic lighting, flooring, and surface solutions that enhance relaxation, restoration, and trigger positive emotions.

Interior Landscaping

Our customized internal plant strategy, interior gardens, and green walls form a key integral part of our creative process

Furniture & Fabric

We also work closely with popular brands in order to fulfill your needs in fabric and furniture that are carefully thought to ergonomically fit into the overall scheme.

Nature-Inspired Products

With excellent craftsmanship, we design specialised fabric, rugs, curtains, wall art, wallpapers & indoor graphics based on the positive dimensions of human-nature interaction

Green Roof design

Rainwater, biodiversity and user comfort are captured here. We backed by our most trusted international suppliers provide green roof solutions in the most unique and creative way.


With urbanisation taking over, we spend over 90% of our time within buildings, which clearly stresses the need for healthy indoors

20 Billion

In 2002, the European Commission calculated the costs of work related stress in the EU at €20 billion a year

5 Billion

The world adds 5 billion tons of Carbon mass each year to the atmosphere which needs sequestering for a healthy living


Creative | Healthy | Liveable

Wildwood explores the opportunities of establishing healthy built environments through its innovative interior designs, by improving the human connections to nature. We specialise in creating more productive, happier and healthier work and living spaces. Wildwood's human centred design incorporates Biophilic principles, which uses the idea that nature is important to our health and well being. Our designs not only enhance the physical space but also improve the Triple Bottom Line: wellbeing for occupants, employee productivity for businesses, and return rates for clients.

Have you ever wondered why strolling through a countryside have restorative, healing effects?  hmm interesting...



Better Wellbeing

Biophilia designs has been found to reduce stress, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and enhance relaxation, positive emotions and concentration

Cleaner Air & Enhanced Daylight

Our air-purifier plant species keep your room fresh and bacteria free. Optimising exposure to daylight alone enhances cognitive abilities and increase ability to focus

User Performance Improvements

Biophilia designs have been proved to increase productivity, creativity and speed up call processing. It also reduces symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder

Lower Team Absentism

For businesses better wellbeing of employees means better team management across the table. Have the team ready and fit when you need them

Improved Accoustics

Say good bye to your excessive noise, distractions or lack of privacy. Our naturally produced sound isolation techniques creates a comfy space

Greener Low-Carbon Lifestyle

Congratulations! By taking a biophilic approach you contribute towards ecological upvaluing and the natural survival of this planet

Tangible Economic Benefits

Overall our design services can improve the Triple Bottom Line: wellbeing for occupants, user productivity for businesses, and return rates for clients

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