Dovestone Reservoir, England: 2020. ©Wildwood Studio Ltd.

"Biophilia is humankind’s innate biological connection with nature. It helps explain why crackling fires and crashing waves captivate us; why a garden view can enhance our creativity; why shadows and heights instil fascination and fear; and why animal companionship and strolling through a park have restorative, healing effects"

– Terrapin Bright Green

Dovestone Reservoir, England: 2020. ©Wildwood Studio Ltd.


So what is Wildwood?

A creative Interior Design Studio focused to create healthy built environments that enhance human health, mental wellbeing and user productivity. Rooted in the unique combination of three core values: Creativity, Healthy & Liveable, we specialise in creating more productive, happier and healthier work and living spaces.

Working towards a #just #sustainable #loving future!


The Story behind

A 'space’ is a critical resource for humans. Our homes, workplaces and our surroundings have a huge impact on our happiness and overall health. Specially our living spaces should be a place of relaxation, escapism and above all happiness. But do we really get this feeling every time we step into our personal space?

The exponentially progressing world forces us to spend over 90% of our time within buildings and indoors, which clearly stresses the need for healthy indoors. Furthermore, with urbanisation taking over, we've become disconnected from the natural world. And nature by all means has long played the role in human refreshment and mental recovery. Do you ever take a break in the countryside or walk in the park to refresh your senses? Do you seek out nature as a retreat or to boost your mood?

But according to the latest figures, 66% of the developed world will be urbanised soon, and thus we are becoming increasingly distanced from the refreshing nature. But how can we still remain close to nature and benefit from its invaluable resources? Since most of our time is spent indoor the answer is simple: redesign our living and working environments by taking elements of nature and reproduce them indoor in order to achieve more healthier and productive spaces.


How do we do it?

Wildwood explores the opportunities of establishing healthy built environments through its innovative interior designs, by improving the human connections to nature. We specialise in creating more productive, happier and healthier work and living spaces.

Our designs not only enhance the physical space but also improve the Triple Bottom Line: wellbeing for occupants, user productivity, and return rates for clients.

Wildwood's human centred design incorporates Biophilic Design principles, which uses the idea that nature is important to our health and well being. Key aspects include improving natural light, improving views onto nature, incorporating natural materials, textures & patterns, ventilating spaces and creating restorative spaces. Through strengthening the human connection with nature we can deliver significant benefits to the health and well being of the many spaces we live and work in. As a brief example, simple attractions in our homes such as fresh flowers and plants can make us happier as we go about our busy lives. This is the essence of Biophilic design - bringing nature and references to nature indoors to enhance our mood, behavior and well-being. Such designs not only create positive spaces but also contribute towards ecological up-valuing. It is the ultimate investment in people in an architectural sense.

While Biophilic Design has its own benefits Wildwood also aims to evoke a sense of exploration, inspiration & appreciation of nature among its clients and the end users. Nature is made accessible to users connecting them to the world of unlimited possibilities that stimulate interest, curiosity and creativity.


Human Centred Interior Designs

So how do we make the best design use of human’s connection to nature in the spaces we live and work in? Current research on biophilia and suggests a number of ways that nature and natural processes can be integrated into the design of built environments - in direct and indirect ways.

Direct references in Biophilic design refer to the more obvious elements of nature such as natural light, plants, fresh air and ventilation as well as views of natural landscapes. These direct means can indeed positively impact how we feel, but these are just the beginning of the story. Research shows that using a diversity of nature references, biorhythmic and biomimicry - including colour, pattern, and texture - have significant and important roles to play. Such indirect references can add significant meaning and increase our happiness and well-being. Such indirect references include materials, colours, shapes, patterns, and forms found in nature. Wildwood's designs draw intuitively on nature for inspiration so we’re particularly interested in how these design analogues are being proven to support our well-being and happiness in our homes and workplaces.

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Wildwood's Vision

The biophilia design approach not only supports human wellbeing but also take a step forward in order to mitigate some of our current global challenges like ‘Climate Change'. Thus, harmonising the human-nature connection and interaction. Our vision is not only focused to create healthier lifestyles but is also to contribute to Britain's 2050 Zero Carbon Mission.

We with our clients are proud to contribute towards the natural survival of this planet!!

Wildwood Studio Ltd

Wildwood's vision is not only focused to create healthy living but is also to contribute towards Britain's 2050 Zero Carbon Mission

We with our clients are proud to contribute towards
the natural survival of this planet!