WORKING FROM HOME? Why not get a specialised custom design for your place: Private Home-office & Workplaces

If you are working from home- shouldn't it be fun?

A 'space’ is a critical resource for humans. Our homes, the work places and our surroundings have a huge impact on our happiness and overall health. The places we live and work in should be a place of relaxation, escapism and above all happiness. But do we really get this feeling every time we step into our personal space?

The recent post-pandemic transition in the work atmosphere has given rise to the new 'work-from-home' trend. This has created major opportunities to redesign and reconfigure the offices spaces and even private working areas to make them healthier and more productive with benefits for mental and physical health. Therefore, it is now very imperative than ever before to stay healthy and productive while we work remotely. Don't worry we got you covered!

Wildwood specialise in designing work and living spaces that enhance the physical environment and have proven benefits for health and well-being, and create greater productive use of the available space. Despite the numbers of people in the space may reduce the personal and overall productivity can increase. In conclusion, with indoor air purification and healthier spaces being a key spreader our interior design services can be a great starting point for you, and can help you achieve improved productivity while you stay at home working.

The New ‘Work-from-Home’ Trend

Top Concerns Involved with 'Work from Home'

Mental Health & Wellbeing at Stake
Non-productive Home Environments
Unnecessary Stress Due to Lack of Motivation
Poor Acoustical Insulation
Low Air Circulation
Inadequate Natural Daylight
Zero Exposure To Nature


Rehab-Design Solution

Be it a new fit-out or refurbishment our bespoke design services for both new home-based offices and workplaces address all your requirements in the most effective way

"No matter where they are, people yearn for more natural light, peace and quiet, and most importantly, the chance to be closer to nature. It follows, then, that businesses that boast offices with design elements inspired by nature, such as more natural light and greenery, will have employees that are happier and more productive at work, and perhaps healthier too.”

– Sir Cary Cooper (CBE FAcSS), Psychologist


(for individuals)

C-Suite package for executives & key-workers

Home based office design package specially crafted for our C-Suite Class clients to ensure wellbeing at the top level of any organisation. Ensure smooth functioning of your business by caring about your CEOs, executive managers, key post occupiers, senior and vulnerable workers.

(for businesses)

A full-on workplace package for offices

Ensure your employee wellbeing by choosing our interior renovation package that spatially rethinks your office designs that can help users to mentally recover and provide respite from day-to-day activities, to maintain positive well-being.


Better Wellbeing

Biophilia designs has been found to reduce stress, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and enhance relaxation, positive emotions and concentration

Cleaner Air & Enhanced Daylight

Our air-purifier plant species keep your room fresh and bacteria free. Optimising exposure to daylight alone enhances cognitive abilities and increase ability to focus

User Performance Improvements

Biophilia designs have been proved to increase productivity, creativity and speed up call processing. It also reduces symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder

Lower Team Absentism

For businesses better wellbeing of employees means better team management across the table. Have the team ready and fit when you need them

Improved Accoustics

Say good bye to your excessive noise, distractions or lack of privacy. Our naturally produced sound isolation techniques creates a comfy space

Greener Low-Carbon Lifestyle

Congratulations! By taking a biophilic approach you contribute towards ecological upvaluing and the natural survival of this planet

Tangible Economic Benefits

Overall our design services can improve the Triple Bottom Line: wellbeing for occupants, user productivity for businesses, and return rates for clients

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