Kult Kafe

Wildwood was commissioned by Kult to design their first location in the city. The studio's aim for the new artisanal dessert shop was to create a unique and luxurious experience for icecream and gelato lovers alike which would allow a glimpse into a cherished ice cream production process. Thus, a goal was realised; to craft an interior with a simple purpose. To prepare fresh icecream on-site, to display it naked and ready to be coned and sold. With the use of grey walls and a neutral palette; a perfect contrast was created for the delightful flavors and textures of ice cream. The free lucid layout creates full transparency for customers to enjoy 'behind the scenes' fantasies and, all the while, their icecream is freshly prepared.

Having used plain cement walls and white furniture as the keynote, the contemporary minimalist theme denotes the new brand. This combination of whites and grey hues forming a basic palette correspond to the cold range of products. While the warm hints of antique brass in the decoration refer to the hot served coffees.

Moreover, the bespoke design of the artisan suspended ceiling and display counter detailing reflect the brand's unique handmade merchandise. Standing in a firm counterpoint to the cement grey walls, the central white counter is conceived of as a block of ice in a freezer, within which various desserts hot and cold are displayed and served.

In addition to its own icecream making set-up, the shop includes a cafeteria, and casual space for spill out in the basement vault. Located in the busy market area of central Leeds, Kult with its minimalistic luxury sets the bar high in the hospitality industry.

Sector: Hospitality
Client: Private
Location: Leeds
Budget: Classified
Year: 2020-21