Patina of Time

A holistic design approach for this high-end residential renovation project integrates landscape architecture and biophilic interior design, to both the interior of a two-storey house and the backyard space in Stockport. Aimed to create a minimalistic open-plan 'lively' space, the design produces a series of exciting indoor experiences that describe the intimacy of the time. Exposed natural materials like stone, wood, and soft vegetation beds, reveal the effects of weathering, historic transition, and time processing, allowing one to appreciate and connect to nature.

The proposed floor plate cutout in the ground floor living room aids in the natural ventilation and improved daylighting between the two floors leading to occupancy comfort. The first floor is encompassed around a calm reading room- a unique meditative relaxing space. Whether it be yoga, meditation, or an ambient reading nook surrounded by candles, this generously proportioned low-energy, wellness-enabled room enables one to instantly decompress.

The overall outcome resulted a low-carbon greener lifestyle in a new lovely ambient home.

In 2019, Wildwood Studio also designed the private garden for the property. Explore more at


Sector: Residential
Client: Private
Location: Stockport
Budget: Classified
Year: 2019

"The concept ‘patina of time’ with nature at its core, creates a series of exciting indoor experiences and restorative spaces while articulating the overall minimalistic style."

– Saad Sait, Founder & Designer, Wildwood Studio